Hongik: A Forgotten Paradigm That Can Solve Today's Problems

How an Ancient Korean Way of Life Can Help
Change the Course of Our World

with Dr. Emanuel Pastreich, Ph.D.

Director of The Asia Institute, Professor of Asian Studies at Kyunghee University
Co-author of Earth Management: A Dialogue on Ancient Korean Wisdom and Its Lessons for a New Earth

November 10, 2016 @ 8pm US ET
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Changing the world can seem like an impossible and intimidating feat beyond the capability of just one person. 

But if we consider the ancient Korean philosophy of Hongik, we are reminded of our innate desire to create harmony—the impulse that seeks to do good for as many as possible.
To think and act for the benefit of all others, in addition to yourself 

Dr. Pastreich, a leader in current East Asian issues in international relations and technology, believes this philosophy is “the most important part of any solution” and can greatly help us address and solve the problems in today's world.  

The spirit of Hongik has personally helped him lead a life of more intention and purpose.
In his free live webinar, he will discuss the meaning of the Hongik spirit as it applies to all humanity and share insights and tips to help support this awareness in your daily life.  
Dr. Pastreich will discuss...
• Lessons on mindful, sustainable living from the Hongik spirit
• How to restore your connections with other people, nature and yourself
• Simple ways to practice an earth-conscious lifestyle
• Conversation and inspiration with like-minded people

Who should join? Anyone who...
• Is interested in building a mindful and sustainable life on earth
• Wants to learn about this ancient spiritual tradition relevant to today’s living
• Is looking for a new direction for personal and collective well-being
• Wants to find inspiration to make a difference in the world

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About Emanuel Pastreich
Emanuel Pastreich, PhD is a U.S. scholar of East Asian cultures and works extensively for peaceful international relations, preserving the environment and advancing technology. He received his B.A. in Chinese at Yale University and Ph.D. in East Asian Studies at Harvard University. He is currently a professor in the College of International Studies at Kyung Hee University and serves as Director of The Asia Institute in Seoul.

Dr. Pastreich has worked as a consultant to both local and central South Korean government and embassies, as well as a variety of U.S., Korean, and Japanese research institutions. Pastreich takes deep interest in the potential for a sustainable spiritual society offered by ancient Korean culture. His book, The Republic of Korea of Which Koreans Are Ignorant, was a best seller in Korea and was praised by the South Korean president. His most recent book, co-authored with Ilchi Lee, is Earth Management: A Dialogue on Ancient Korean Wisdom and Its Lessons for a New Earth. For more information, visit asia-institute.org.